giovanna jo
Planet Earth

Bio: I was working on a novel for, not exclusively, young adults. Actually I had been working on two. They're still in process. I'm still 'working on' them - but where I was slowly editing, re-shaping them. I decided to totally park them last year until I can give them my full attention - I'd wanted to finish them both by the end of 2015 and then one of those big life events that happen to us all took me in a different direction. My Dad died. I had heaps to sort out and could no longer concentrate on the novels, only shorter pieces. New goal = for completion of 2nd edit of the One of the books by end of 2016. Then I will do what I can to find out if anyone likes it enough to publish it. And then I will finish book Two. I've kept working a bit on short stories, both fiction and non-fiction and I always write lots of poetry. The poetry I do all the time. I finally submitted a piece of work to the 'outside world' (whoop whoop). It's a non-fiction piece and was short-listed for the Wasafari Online Literary Magazine last autumn, 2015. It will be published on the Wasafari site in March 2017. Since childhood I've written poems and thoughts, stories .. and in terms of literary prowess most often pretty badly. I was in three bands & wrote most of the songs. I did a film degree and screenplays I'd written were chosen and made into short films. I realised perhaps writing was something I was or could be quite good at. After graduating I parked the writing dream. I found work in TV and film as an Archive Researcher and, in between Archive jobs, I'd write up ideas for TV shows. I was mostly hired to focus on archive research a great job at times. I still had a longing to write. I continued to write bits of fiction, poetry, possible screenplay ideas, all in private, not ever thinking I'd try and do anything with my work. I spent six years working on a novel, in between busy paid work and being a mum. Alas, half way through a second edit, my laptop was stolen from my kitchen table! And I only had a much older version of the novel - the second edit was almost a re-write and quite different from the version I had on a hard drive (Lesson = always back up!) Picking myself up from the shock of losing all that work took quite a while. A year later I applied for an MA in Creative Writing. The good news is that I completed and graduated from that in 2014 - Huzzah. I write or edit my work whenever I can - on the bus, train, kitchen table ... exploring forms and ideas. So the bottom line is - if you want to write do it.

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